Book by Kaye Vincent, music by Kaye Tompkins
Lyrics by Kaye Vincent and Kaye Tompkins

All enquiries with regards to performance rights should be directed to The Sharland Organisation.

First performed at The Castle, Wellingborough, 2005.

To be performed again as ‘Rewired’ at Sharnbrook Mill Theatre 3-8 October 2022.

“I should be someone else by now, if only I knew what or where or how…”

Six people on the brink of something new. All waiting for something or someone to happen.

Shaz is in lust with Mac, but he sees her as one of the boys. And what chance does she have of changing his mind on house clearance jobs? Especially with angry Russ (and his divorce), poor little Brains (with not a lot) and the nosy neighbour Mrs T (with far more than anyone bargained for) to get in the way.

As for Albert the old recluse – well, he’s dead. But he’s still waiting for something too…

As a house clearance team removes the belongings of the deceased hermit Albert, they learn about his life and hidden talent. As the furniture and rubbish clears, so does the chaos of their own existence and new connections are formed. A warm, witty musical packed with pathos. Appeals to a wide audience.

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