The Treeman

Book 1 of The Hanningdon Magic Series.

Izzy flees to the countryside to make a new start, away from her fickle fiance, the interfering ghost of her dead father and his sex-hungry mistress. All three follow to shatter her peace, along with Jodie, her annoying younger sister, and her mother going through a startling life change. The serene village of Hanningdon is about to become very busy indeed.

But Izzy makes a discovery to put all this into the shade. A beautiful and disturbed young man living in the oak tree outside her window, known as the treeman, with a mysterious gift and an even more mysterious past. And his brother who makes everything much more complicated. The infuence of their late Romany grandmother, Mari, still holds strong over the two brothers and over Hanningdon itself. And Izzy seems to be the key to unlock their secrets, their hearts and the magic of Mari.

Funny and compelling, the story of Izzy and the Treeman will keep you in suspense to the end. Meet a host of outrageous characters, with a dash of magic.

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Cover art by Barry Currall