The Earth Clan

Book 3 of The Hanningdon Magic Series.

Screeching to a halt, Izzy shut her eyes and waited for the inevitable impact. Ice sliced through her veins as if her soul had been severed, but she could still feel the grip of the steering wheel, smell the leather, hear her own breath as her lungs released. She raised her head inch by inch and gazed ahead, then behind. There was no sign of the other vehicle. And she could see for miles.

Currently in development, this will be the final book in the Hanningdon Magic series, completing the tale of The Treeman and The River Girl.

Set four years on from The River Girl, families are growing and new lives are forging their way. Yet there is loss too and foundations are crumbling. With relationships under strain and its very youngest members refusing to be tamed, the village seems set to lose its gifted inhabitants and see them scatter. Ancient history is revealed, as voices long past sing their song, telling tales of yearning and desire. Hanningdon slowly yields its secrets, but will it be too late for the promise of sanctuary?