The Stone God

The prequel to The Hanningdon Magic Series.
In final development. Anticipated launch – 2022

Frey was protected, one of the elite, expected to wed and rule, yet she had always known she would fall rather than ascend. She had seen it in her visions…

Now they were coming and time for contemplation was at an end.

A girl stands imprisoned, naked, awaiting her fate at the hands of the Stone God, Kull. Her time in this world is running out and she is supposed to be grateful, but all she can whisper is her own name, “Freedom.” Better known as Frey, this is her story. A search for sanctuary, for understanding of her gift and how to survive as a visionary. This is a time when amber eyes are feared, yet full of fire. Where anything is possible, but comes with a price, where love is absolute, but your calling is stronger. A calling that threatens to devour you as it beckons.

In this prequel to the Hanningdon Magic Series, ancient lore reveals the origins of the power, of the gifted who are inexorably drawn to each other, and to the source.

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Cover artwork

Cover art by Michael Horne