The Problem with Being It

Book by Kaye Vincent, music by Kaye Tompkins
Lyrics by Kaye Vincent and Kaye Tompkins

All enquiries with regards to performance rights should be directed to The Sharland Organization.

First performed at The Castle, Wellingborough, 2007.
London showcase at the Cochrane Theatre, also 2007.

“Be honest, vintage is so yesterday…”

Being an It-girl isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, as Topsi is about to find out. Her glamorous world will soon be invaded by time travellers and the living dead, not to mention her debauched rock star boyfriend, a slightly odd stalker and three potential stepmoms all fighting over her like she’s a winning lottery ticket.

Within the world of reality TV, Topsi lives her life under the scrutiny of the camera, but, surrounded by hype, flattery and paparazzi pressure, just how much of her world is truly real?

An upside-down, back-to-front Cinderella tale.

The Writing Team would like to thank the 40+ companies and individuals who helped to sponsor these first productions of The Problem with Being It. Our special thanks to Metal Craft Industries UK Ltd for their generous contribution and creation of the metal bridge and steps for the set.

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