Tomorrow’s Voice

Music by Kaye Tompkins
Lyrics by Kaye Tompkins and Kaye Vincent

All enquiries with regards to performance rights should be directed to The Sharland Organisation.

“Too young to understand, to stand up tall and know. But watch us, just watch us grow.”

A 40-minute cantata commissioned to celebrate the centenary of Rotary and Barnardos. Ten songs written specifically for children, about children. Giving them a voice to express what so many young people in poverty or difficulty never have an opportunity to communicate.

A challenging piece for children that doesn’t shy away from truth, but presents it in a way that is accessible, appropriate and poignant. With moments of humour and lightness. Tuneful, melodic songs, all catchy with something important to say.

First performed at The Castle, Wellingborough in 2005, with multiple school choirs. Songs performed at various other locations. A recording has been made of the main track by the choir at the Kilburn School of Dance.

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