Kaye’s books

The Hanningdon Magic Series

If your senses were heightened,  would it be a gift or a curse?

Book 1

The Treeman

The story begins with Izzy and the Treeman. When her father's ghost tells her to get a life, Izzy seeks solitude in sleepy Hanningdon, only to find a troubled young man living in the oak tree outside her window.

Book 2

The River Girl

A strange young woman arrives in Hanningdon, part wild-child, part empath, ready to challenge everyone. She will test relationships and question the history of the village.

Book 3

The Earth Clan

Anticipated launch 2023. The characters of Hanningdon will return to complete the trilogy.

Coming in early 2022

The Stone God

Meet Frey and her kind, with amber eyes full of fire and portent. The ancestors of those drawn to Hanningdon and in search of sanctuary. Discover the origins of the Hanningdon magic.