Sample reviews for Wired

Reviews for the 2005 production at The Castle, Wellingborough

“Hats off to the Castle for staging ‘Wired’. Look out for the two Kayes – if this is a measure of their talents, then their names will soon be up in lights!”
Willy Gilder, BBC Radio Northamptonshire

“Kaye Tompkins and Kaye Vincent show real tenderness…this was a truly inspirational piece. There were some very touching moments…a thought provoking, well written and moving play.”
Emma Austin, BBC Radio Northamptonshire

“When [Brains] sung the stunning song ‘In the Quiet Time’ he brought goosebumps and tears to my eyes.”
Emma Austin, BBC Radio Northamptonshire

“The Writing Team tell real stories beautifully, poignantly and honestly through words and music...I truly believe that it is a great show with wonderful music…that will knock people for six.”
Bart Lee, Artistic Director, The Castle, Wellingborough

‘Wired’ looks set to make a big connection with the audiences who go and see it…the new musical has a stamp of freshness and vitality.”
Lawrence John, Herald and Post, Northants

Samples of audience reactions, received for the 2005 production:

“Wired appealed to all, with not a shred of apathy noted by anyone.”

“This is not just an adult show, I’m 15 and think it’s great.”

"Quiet Time is a very emotional piece, just humming the tune later brought tears to my eyes.”

“Frighteningly talented…You managed to achieve just the right balance between high emotion and outstanding humour and the two complimented each other perfectly.”

“The songs were so important and came just at the right moments, no contrived ‘it’s time for a song’ interventions that happen in some musicals.”

“Exciting, to say the least!”

“Probably the most awesome thing I have seen at the theatre.”

“An inspirational musical score.”

“Being fortunate enough to see it three times was a real bonus.”

“A triumph…so believable and real.”

“It was very refreshing to find an original musical based on the world of real work, not lifted from literature or showbiz life.”

“Having been privileged to see the final show on Saturday I hope the next step is a UK touring production. Wired certainly deserves to be seen by many more people. I would definitely pay to see it again.”

“Quite simply blown away with the whole way the show was put together.”

“A truly magnificent piece of theatre.”

“The music was tremendous and the story was not too complicated to follow, but still held the interest – sounds like the ideal combination for success.”

“In my opinion each song really did develop and enhance the characters brilliantly.”

“Wired will be a fantastic success.”

“Wired is a great piece of work and deserves to do well.”

“Very appealing in a commercial sense.”