Meet Kaye

Following her degree in Drama and Theatre Studies at Royal Holloway University,  London, Kaye forged a successful career as a writer in the UK.  She now lives in the East Midlands.

At age eleven, Kaye knew that she wanted to write creatively, but learnt her craft as a copywriter.  As an author and playwright she has produced many works.

“I do like a good ghost, but not necessarily the scary kind. Maybe ‘romance/paranormal’ is the closest category, especially for my books, but it’s the interweaving of multiple relationships that pulls my interest. A touch of magic helps to enhance, rather than create plot, as I keep my characters firmly rooted in a real world. I like to introduce the unexpected and hope that treading a delicate pathway between the unexplained and the human heart is something that readers want to share.”

Kaye’s work in health information has been acknowledged in national awards, notably for the Motor Neurone Disease Association in the UK. Kaye is particularly proud of her work for people with or affected by MND and “cannot think of a more worthy or inspirational cause.”

As a professional speaker, she has presented at national and global events. She also thrives in community theatre, writing scripts, directing productions and performing on a regular basis. She has directed professional casts, but also community casts of up to 40.

As an author of fiction, Kaye’s work includes books, musical theatre and plays. She often works collaboratively with the gifted composer, Kaye Tompkins – together they are The Writing Team. Kaye’s creative work is represented by the literary agency, The Sharland Organisation.

Author photo by Tom George at Through These Eyes.