Chase Dark

Book by Kaye Vincent, music by Kaye Tompkins
Lyrics by Kaye Vincent and Kaye Tompkins

All enquiries with regards to performance rights should be directed to The Sharland Organisation.

First performed at Sharnbrook Mill Theatre, Bedfordshire, 2000.

“So come, take your seat at the Devil’s lair…”

Taking shelter in an abandoned scrapyard, the rebellious Jake is surrounded by a strange gang of people. All have been damaged by the power of one man – Chase Dark. As Jake listens to their revelations he takes us ever closer to the centre of the web… but is Chase Dark the spider, or just another victim?

A sleek and sexy thriller that leads its audience on a rollercoaster ride through human frailty and temptation. With emotive music that ranges through power ballad, character work, rock, gospel and blues, this is challenging, compelling material that performers love and leaves audiences guessing to the end.

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