Coming over Clammy

Book by Kaye Vincent, music by Kaye Tompkins
Lyrics by Kaye Vincent and Kaye Tompkins

All enquiries with regards to performance rights should be directed to The Sharland Organisation.

First performed at The Castle, Wellingborough, 2004 and again at Sharnbrook Mill Theatre, 2005.

“Why are you spoiling everything?”
“Because that’s what I do Claire, I spoil things.”

Meet the sisters from hell. Chloe is scary and Claire is… Claire. But what family is normal? There’s usually a skeleton or two rolling about in some cupboard.

Having just buried their mother, Chloe and Claire were hoping that the cupboard doors were tightly shut. But they’re about to come flying open and all the baggage is crashing down on their heads.

A fierce, comedic and energised show for two female performers (and two clams).

Note of warning: best not to see this sitting next to your own sister.

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