Sample reviews for Coming Over Clammy

The Castle, Wellingborough 2004
Sharnbrook Mill Theatre 2005

“A beautifully worked musical comedy...The uncanny parallels between the relationships of the sisters and the clams really adds colour to an already entertaining look at life.”
Stephanie Weaver, Evening Telegraph

Audience reactions

“Laughing with a lump in your throat really hurts.”

"Your book is so funny, so thought provoking."

"I had four brothers and five sisters and I can assure you it was so poignant and true to life."

"A moving and witty original musical."

"It was superb. I cannot remember the last time my emotions were on such a roller-coaster."

"An exceptional play and production. The whole concept was innovative and thought provoking."

"Sisters doing it for themselves!"

"This is another gem!"

"Another brilliant show."

"We thought your show was CLAMTASTIC!"

"Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Where on earth did it all come from?"

"I loved the way the musical numbers were woven into the show and were not separate."

"You've done it again - Lloyd-Webber beware."

"You have a winning combination."

"It was funny and witty and very touching."

"A most professional and polished performance."