Sample reviews for Chase Dark

Sharnbrook Mill Theatre, 2000

“I was enthralled...on the instant Chase Dark had me gripped. It demands and deserves concentration. It demands and deserves to be reborn on the professional stage - and if it is, it will assuredly get its groupies...It's big. It's towering. It's incredibly ambitious...prepare to be riveted.”
John Slim, Editor NODA National News

“It was a privilege to witness the first performance of a remarkable work...a gripping piece of theatre of originality and depth...another viewing would find me still discovering more allusions and relationships beneath the surface, as well as helping me to become familiar with the striking music and lyrics. It's a thrill to know you are taking part in something excellent and they must have sensed during rehearsals just how excellent it was going to be.”
Ian Wells, President NODA

"Congratulations on the production of a stunning piece of musical theatre.”
Graham Brown, Executive Director, The Castle (theatre), Wellingborough

“Congratulations, you must be feeling very pleased and deservedly so. It is a very ambitious piece which I thought worked very well...something that is sufficiently different to be interesting.”
Mike Sharland, The Sharland Organisation

‘...destined for a wider audience...the plot is strong enough to hold the interest...and the music is original, powerful and tuneful. If Kaye V and Kaye T can find a publisher for the show...companies the length and breadth of the country should be queuing up to perform Chase Dark.”
Sue Brickay, Arts Correspondent, Bedfordshire on Sunday

Audience reactions

"Brilliant! Blinking back tears one minute - smiling the next."

"Something unique, something amazing."

"What a brilliant conception of life with all its emotions."

"It's a soaring, fantastic show."

“It sustained an interest from beginning to the end - what a 'twist in the tail!' The music was superb."

"What a brave storyline, but it worked. I was on the edge of my seat it was so gripping and what a wonderful ending."

"One of the most exciting plays I have ever seen."

"One of the most powerful shows I have ever seen."

"You've created a wonderfully moving and totally powerful piece of work which will be talked about for years."

"Today Sharnbrook, tomorrow the world - well, West End at least."

"A 'not to be missed' has to be one of the press notices."

"I had such a great evening filled with so many emotions, I was shattered when I got home!"

"A partnership that has given such passion in words and music, you can't go wrong."

"I have been to many West End shows and I would rate Chase Dark with the best."

"I am still finding it incredibly hard to accurately describe what we saw - it really blew my mind!"

"I'm not a fan of the theatre, but was incredibly impressed."

"It is really powerful and so moving and will be such a success."

"You're music is absolutely superb...I found it very moving."

"A fantastic performance and mind-blowing story."

"The show is fabulous, absolutely fantastic."