Website launch is finally here

With my usual indecision, I’ve been hanging on and on before launching this site. I will probably press go and then panic, go all shy and not tell anyone. Hardly the point of it all!

In respect to lovely Michael Horne who helped develop it, I will at least whisper ‘launch’ on facebook. See my first post below for more on Michael’s talent as a webby master and my sincere gratitude for all his help.

Please explore and I hope you enjoy.

Photos in the park with George

Quick shout out to Tom George, from Through These Eyes, who took my profile pics for this site. Fabulous photo shoot earlier in the summer (anyone remember sunshine?). A wonderful late afternoon, in glorious balmy warmth. Me feeling slightly out of my depth wandering around in a park, with a camera following me. Very happy that I managed not to fall on my ass.

Highly recommended. Tom is absolutely great. Find him on Instagram. He even managed to do the darker ‘studio’ shots in the park, in sunshine. Clever guy.