Sample reviews

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"The most inventive book I have read in'll be hooked because there are so many twists and turns. It's very good." Bernie Keith, BBC Radio Northamptonshire

"I loved this book. Having taken an age to start this novel (I've always got a queue of books), I ate up the pages in a matter of days and when the second Hannington book comes out, it will be bumped up to the front of the queue! Why? Because it's believable, surely the single most important thing in any narrative, this then allows you to immerse yourself in the story and you feel for the characters and empathise with their emotions. The magical world of Hannington comes to life and just when you think you've worked it out.....well, read it and see! Don't say "It's not really my thing", because good writing is good writing and this is that in spades. Roll on 'River Girl' and just what has Fred been up to?"

"Enchanted and enchanting, magical and mystical, loved it. Slowly drawn threads gently draw you into the fabric of this novel, and it grips you. Give yourself a treat, read it."

"Get hold of this book and read it and long for the sequel. It is a beautiful tale of exquisite characters; families that you lap up in the reading and then long to know the next installment of their lives. They dance across the pages in this exciting mixture of mystery,love and passion; a gorgeous blend of reality and fantasy. Kaye Vincent weaves her spell and draws you into the lives of these fascinating people, recognisable and yet steeped in a strange, ever-present magic. Simply delightful - put a whole day aside, pour out the wine and escape into this masterful debut novel."

"This book was a real page turner, the characters were delicious, some naughty some nice, and every woman would like to be Izzy! This romantic novel was a real pleasure to read."

"Being a murder, mystery, crime, police/detective reader normally, I thought twice before buying and reading this book. Don't be fooled, it's well worth the read."