Excerpt from The Treeman

He felt the heat in his fingertips, searing every cell. The sensation increased and exploded beyond his skin, coiling outwards, reaching towards its prey. Yet Mari shivered. Suddenly her back arched and with a long mournful cry, she shuddered, dropping to her knees.


He waited, his flesh burning.

He heard a soft ecstatic sigh and Mari’s head raised. Slowly turning, she rose to face him and he felt his heart shatter into a thousand pieces.

Fragility and age fell away from her form, strength and looseness streaming into each limb and she lifted one hand to marvel at his work. Her hair fell from its messy knot and tumbled like black silk across her shoulders as youth revisited her tortured being. Energy and life flowed through her joints. Lifting clear amber eyes towards him, she smiled white teeth from unlined skin, cheekbones taut, lips once more full and crimson. Every line of her beauty clarified and redrawn.

“He didn’t stand a chance did he? My Englishman,” she murmured with a wicked smile.

“You break me,” he whispered.

She stared with wonder at her now youthful hands, “I had no idea you were this capable.”

She spun sweetly in a full circle, with perfect balance and strength.

“Oh my sweet Jay, you excel yourself.” Mari lifted one arm in a graceful arc, high breasts jutting and hips circling, testing her renewal. “Such a gift you possess. Such generosity.”

She looked out at him from lowered brows and grinned.

Jay returned the grin and raised his opposing arm in a mirrored arc. She threw her head back, tossing her hair and exhaled a deep throaty laugh. And the moondance began.