Reviews and reactions to The River Girl

These are all quotes from 5-star reviews on Amazon, Lulu and other public sites

"Charismatic characters, meticulously drawn into an intriguing story. The River Girl is a natural, or even supernatural, progression from The Treeman. Kaye’s writing vividly brings to life every setting and every tricky individual - complete with a complex web of thoughts, motivations, actions and consequences. You’ll discover the full magic and the rich mystery of Hanningdon, expertly interwoven into a plot of twists and turns."

"After enjoying The Treeman so much, I was really worried that The River Girl would not live up to my own expectation. I need not have worried though because I stepped right back into Hanningdon and picked up where we left off. The characters all popped up again with a few new and interesting characters joining them."

"A very engaging book that was difficult to put down. The characters came to life on the page and took you on a very colourful journey. As the story unfolds some unexpected events keep you gripped through to the end."