FAQs for Wired


This musical is ideal for touring, with a compact cast and a lively, engaging score that can be accomplished with a minimal band.

x2 female leads (aged 20 and 40-55)
x4 male leads (aged 18, 25, 50 and 65)


Orchestrated for keyboards x2, percussion, lead guitar, bass guitar, violin.


The action all takes place in the main lounge of the deceased hermit Albert. There should be no box set or walls - the room is created through furnishings.  It should look as though a lot of furniture and boxes have already been packed or piled into the main room, ready for shifting. As the items begin to clear, we see Albert's lounge emerge from the rubble and watch flashbacks of Albert's life here. By the end of the show, his house has been cleared by the team, and a single lightbulb is left hanging centre stage. As the final character leaves, the light switch is flicked and the stage is left in darkness.


Modern dress, as relevant to each character, with overalls or work clothes for the house clearance team. Some changes for passage of time through the 2-3 days of the script, and of course to relate the flashbacks. One ethereal evening dress is pulled from a trunk and tried on by Shaz.