FAQs for The Clinic of Lost Souls


This musical consists of strong lead and supporting lead roles, with the entire cast also working in ensemble. There is some deliberate doubling - for example, the lab assts at the Institute also play the patients, but duality of some kind features in every role.

It requires brave and courageous performers, who can provide extreme character, energy, precise choreography and excellent vocals. Every character will sing solo at some point and carry an individual harmony line. The flow is non-stop, with overlapping scenes, so sharpness of movement is paramount.

x6 female leads (aged 20-45)

x6 male leads – (aged 25-45)


Small band of 5-6.


The show will work in an abstract modern clinical setting. Ideally chrome rails and stairs against a warmer brick, as some flashback scenes take place in outdoor streets.


Modern dress, as relevant to each character, including white lab coats for the Institute staff.