FAQs for Keeping Mum


x4 female leads  (aged 30, 40, 50 and 80)
x1 male lead (aged 45)

One female member of the cast takes on the role of the nurse, but also several other smaller roles. These could be given to other individuals, but there is more charm, humour and ingenuity in allowing this to be a quick-change opportunity.


The play takes place in a nursing home and the audience are treated as though they are the residents in the lounge. This can be interpreted in any way required for the production, but the premiere will use simple furnishings without the need for a box set. Signage may be helpful for indications of a wider environment, eg 'Dining Room' or health and safety signs. With lighting and a few little tricks, the set should also reflect Jo's own lounge at home.


Modern dress, as relevant to each character, with uniform for the staff in the nursing home. Some changes are needed for passage of time.