FAQs for Coming Over Clammy


x2 female leads
(who also act as puppeteers for the clams)


Orchestrated for keyboard. Could be expanded if required.


The musical is set in Chloe's messy open plan apartment. The front area is a sofa surrounded by rubbish, verging on squalor - Chloe is not houseproud, in fact, the opposite. Central is a kitchen island, the front of which is shelved and the central part of this features two ornamental clams (these open and play as if in a mini-theatre of their own between scenes where the sisters both exit.


Modern dress, as relevant to each character. Chloe is reminiscent of a slovenly Goth. Claire is like a pristine yoga teacher. Both have a change - Claire into wedding dress and Chloe into bridesmaid, but still in their own sense of style.