Sample reviews for Cloud

Sharnbrook Mill Theatre, 2000

"I have been fortunate to have attended a few world premieres of plays and musicals, however, perhaps none have made quite the visual impact that this new musical Cloud does when you enter the theatre. The stage of the Sharnbrook (itself I have to say an impressive venue on this my first visit) has been transformed into a brilliantly rendered cave system, with a rich red toned stonelike world and flora scattered about. It is a feast for the eyes and the perfect backdrop for this intriguing new musical to play out upon... This show should go further, it begs to be given a bigger staging and to allow the bold and proud ensemble numbers more room to breathe. However, until then I suggest that you make your way to Sharnbrook this week to see the creation of a great little show."
A Small Mind at the Theatre, Theatre Blog

"Always good to see new shows [Cloud at Sharnbrook Mill theatre this week] some good songs, staging and performances."
Ian Brown, theatre critic for BBC 3 Counties Radio

“Wow! What a night!... I’m talking about my visit to see the production of a brand new musical written by two Kayes... Between the two of them they have come up with an extraordinary piece of work, which it is my privilege to be amongst the first to review... I have been reading such stories since I first came across Frank Herbert’s excellent ‘Dune’ series back in the 1960’s. What is new however is that somebody has finally come around to the idea that the genre would make excellent material for a musical... I wish ‘Cloud’ and the two Kayes the best of luck. It was a wonderful evening’s entertainment! Eat your heart out Cameron Macintosh!”
Richard Fitt, NODA

Audience reactions

"A wonderful night at the theatre. Cloud was a treat from the start with the atmospheric set, special effects, the brilliant cast, wonderful songs and music. A triumph!"

"We really enjoyed Cloud. The harmonies were beautiful and at times I found myself forgetting that this wasn't a script off the west end."

"Absolutely fantastic and I shall be telling everyone I know to see this. Where's it going next? It has to go somewhere else and have a future life, it's so brilliant!"

'Terrific show. Congratulations to everyone. (Best sound quality I have heard at Sharnbrook). Great individual and ensemble performances, and inspiring music and plot.'

“Cloud the musical. Stunning vocals with a great score, great acting, fantastic scenery, captivating from start to finish.”

"Wow!! Congratulations on a great show. Brilliant idea and really loved some of the numbers. Great design and cast too. Many, many congratulations - what a fantastic show!!! …so impressed at what you achieved…wishing you many more successes."

"Just wonderful! So enjoyed Cloud tonight! …such a fantastic production!"

"Great show last night. Well done."

"OMG, brilliant. What a cast, what a show, huge congratulations … Cloud is a must see show. Loved every minute of it and so glad we have tickets to see the show for a second time on Saturday night. Sharnbrook Mill Theatre is the venue to be for this world premiere."

"See the world premiere of Cloud, a new musical. I had the pleasure & privilege of going to the opening night last night, and wow…the music itself is amazing…and book and lyrics. If I had another free night this week, I would see it again. Congratulations to all involved in this production, be proud!"

“Went to see the new musical Cloud at Sharnbrook last night - it was a brilliant show. Great acting, fab new musical score and written locally.”

'What can I say but WOW! Cloud was fantastic, songs gave me goose bumps throughout and the talent on stage was superb! X congratulations to all'

"It was wonderful and I want to come and see it again later in the week!"

"Just wanted to say how impressed we were with opening premiere of Cloud. The cast, storyline, music and lyrics in my view were of quality and powerful to say the least. The characters too were great which added to the enjoyment. Well done to you and your excellent team. So pleased we came to see it."

'Wow...Cloud is amazing...recommend anyone who can, to come see the show this week!'

“I was lucky enough to get to see the dress run of this fantastic show last night. If you have a night free this week get over to the Sharnbrook Mill Theatre and watch it. You will not be disappointed.”

"Amazing show."

"Ensemble numbers were fantastic! Really strong!" 

"Truly unique show"

"Entire cast absolutely smashed opening night."

“Kaye Vincent and Kaye Tompkins have collaborated on a beautiful piece of theatre. A premiere of home grown talent. Don't miss it. A real little gem.” 

“Wow! Wow! Wow! If you let this 'Cloud' float by, without seeing it - you will regret it!… I was absolutely captivated by the concept, the amazing character acting of everyone on stage, the sensitivity of the music, and the fantastic set. The attention to detail by the two Kaye's, and the captivating story that the musical told, meant that every single person on the stage performed to such a high standard. It really is an exceptionally talented cast. Much of the singing makes you tingle. Congratulations everybody.”