FAQs for Cloud


This musical is designed for regional performances - for a community of people to build a community, with a varied age range. It requires a large cast, but some doubling or condensing is possible.

x12 female leads and supporting leads
x12 male leads and supporting leads
Additional ensemble roles 8-12


Orchestrated for reeds, bass, drums and x2 keyboards


Various locations on the planet Cloud are depicted, including the interior and exterior of caves, rocky crags and a lagoon. However, unless working with a big budget, an adaptable single set is advised. This could be entirely abstract, accomplished with projection or a detailed rockface that can be lit in creative ways. Even if abstract, levels are important - this can help create the sense of a crowded community all living on top of one another.


The Sand Tribes lead a frugal life and make the best of the limited materials to hand. There should be a bohemian and varied feel to their attire, as though they have made their own clothes to suit their occupation. Some individual changes are indicated in the script, but most players need one main costume and a second for the finale.

The only co-ordinated costumed scene is the finale, where the tribes gather for the crystal ceremony. This requires a suitably ethereal look, but simplicity works well. There is one complex centrepiece - the Crystal Robe for the ceremony. This should create the impression of a robe made from tiny pieces of glass. This is intrinsic to the plot, as a work of art by the crystal makers up in the crags.