Writer’s notes for Chase Dark

In 1999 Kaye Tompkins casually remarked that she had always longed to compose her own musical, but had no idea who to approach as a collaborator. I mumbled something about a rough script I'd stashed away for years and would she like me to dig it out? She said yes.

I waited in terror for her next visit. She didn't laugh at the concept, in fact, she disappeared and composed two musical numbers almost overnight. She then waited in terror for me to listen, but I didn't laugh either. The songs were inspired and we were off.

I no longer remember the origins for the piece, just that it arrived complete at first draft. Characters grew, as they always do, but the Faustian tale never faltered. Power and corruption of the soul were fun to explore, but it was the story of Jake, the young man caught in the spiral that thrilled.

Sharnbrook Mill Theatre Trust generously sponsored the debut production and we attracted a huge cast of 35+ talented community actors and singers, many with professional experience. The energy and committment from the cast, crew, designers, supporters and our wonderful choreographer Melanie Coleman, was humbling. Without their gracious help and faith, I'm not sure how much further we would have travelled.

Our gratitude to each and every one of you.